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Deborah Davis
Deborah Davis

Location: NOBLE, OK

How will clients benefit with you as their coach?
I am a solutions focused coach with a high level of positivity and energy. My years of experience in the energy industry and as an entrepreneur have given me a strong business acumen. Training in organizational behavior provides in depth knowledge of organizational hierarchy and behavior based challenges.
The benefits for my clients are:
  1. Fresh perspectives on themselves, their challenges, and others
  2. Enhanced decision-making skills and confidence
  3. Greater interpersonal effectiveness
  5. Awareness of personal presence
  6. Increased productivity, satisfaction with life and work

What results have clients reported after working with you?
My clients report increased confidence and ability to make decisions, citing the following contributors:
  • Easy to work with due to a "real-people type approach" and authenticity
  • Appreciation for solutions focus
  • Increased awareness following coaching sessions
  • Action plans that align with values, strengths, and goals
  • Positive, supportive, and resourceful
  • Increased productivity

What do clients say about working with you?
My clients say I am a committed partner who is authentic, listens well, challenges their thought, and holds them accountable. They appreciate the potential I see and bring out in them, as it helps them have the courage to move forward. They love and need my energy, recognizing my strong work ethic and level of commitment - this translates to client motivation and willingness to work through obstacles.

What are 5 strengths you have as a coach?
  • Corporate Success - Technical Support, Management, Project Management, Finance
  • Entrepreneur Success - Real Estate, Construction, Coach
  • Education - Masters, Organizational Behavior
  • Certifications - International Coach Federation, Associate Coach Certification
  • Volunteer - Youth Sports Coach, Chamber Ambassador, ICF Chapter Board, WEN Mentor Program

What is your coaching philosophy?
As the principal owner of Quest Executive Coaching, I value the connection between professional fulfillment and personal happiness. I appreciate individuality and leadership at every level. I recognize our minds need to learn and grow to be fulfilled. My belief is that each person is capable of extraordinary accomplishments and the daily challenges are opportunities for people to flex their muscles. My mission is to be a catalytic partner to leaders and their teams as they make an impact and tackle challenges confidently.

As an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach, I am committed to a strong Code of Ethics and stringent Core Competencies. I blend my commitment, authenticity, and business acumen to provide productive coach / client results. The coach / client partnership creates an optimal environment for creating solutions. It is through taking on challenges and seeing through curious eyes, there will be personal, professional and organizational development.

What types of people do you typically coach?
I work with small business owners, managers, directors, and VPs. These leaders are smart and recognize the value of an energetic partner who broadens perspective and is focused on improving their success.

What is your professional background?
  • Real Estate - licensed agent
  • Construction Company - business partner
  • Property Investments
  • Energy Industry - Manager, Technical Support, Finance
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Business Coach, Consultant, Trainer

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