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Job Posting Price USD  

30-Day Local Michigan Posting
  • For jobs located in Michigan and offering no relocation assistance.
  • Resume Search included.

Member:  $100.00 
Non-Member:  $150.00 

National 30-Day Job Posting
  • Resume Search included.
  • No word limit.
  • Edit posting at anytime.
  • Create resume agents.
  • Check statistics on postings.

Member:  $345.00 
Non-Member:  $445.00 

National 3-Job Posting Package
  • Resume Search included.
  • Each job runs for 30 days.
  • Jobs must be posted within one year of package purchase.

Member:  $966.00 
Non-Member:  $1,291.00 

National 5-Job Posting Package
  • Resume Search included.
  • Each job runs for 30 days.
  • Jobs must be posted within one year of package purchase.

Member:  $1,587.00 
Non-Member:  $2,136.00 

National 10-Job Posting Package
  • Resume Search included.
  • Each job runs for 30 days.
  • Jobs must be posted within one year of package purchase.

Member:  $2,933.00 
Non-Member:  $3,916.00 

National 15-Job Posting Package
  • Resume Search included.
  • Each job runs for 30 days.
  • Jobs must be posted within one year of package purchase.

Member:  $4,140.00 
Non-Member:  $5,540.00 

National 20-Job Posting Package
  • Resume Search included.
  • Each job runs for 30 days.
  • Jobs must be posted within one year of package purchase.

Member:  $5,175.00 
Non-Member:  $6,942.00 

National 25-Job Posting Package
  • Resume Search included.
  • Each job runs for 30 days.
  • Jobs must be posted within one year of package purchase.

Member:  $6,308.00 
Non-Member:  $8,121.00 

National Internship Posting
  • Includes both paid and unpaid internships - no restrictions.
  • No resume access included.

Member:  $25.00 
Non-Member:  $50.00 
* All jobs must be posted within one year of package purchase.

Job Posting Enhancements Price USD 

Increase your company's exposure by purchasing one of these job posting enhancements. During the payment process you will be given the opportunity to add an enhancement to your job posting.

Featured Job Upgrade

Add a Featured Job Upgrade to your job posting and gain enhanced exposure in front of the industry’s most qualified job seekers. With a Featured Job Upgrade, your job appears on the job seekers’ main page and is highlighted in the search results. In addition, your job may be featured in the Associations Now Daily News e-newsletter.
Digital Job Video presented by Digi-Me

Attract and engage top talent on all types of devices with our Digital Job Video powered by Digi-Me!. These custom, job-specific videos combine the social and mobile engagement of video messaging and are 53x more likely to appear on the first page of candidate search results on Google and other search engines. Digital Job Videos enhance the overall performance of your text only job postings; averaging a 20-60% increase in candidate apply rates compared to 2-7%.
  • A 60-second video that provides key information, brand identification and a call to action for each specific job opening.
  • "Share" functions allow each Digital Job Video to instantly become viral and spread to social media sites, blogs, and niche markets across the web.
  • Metrics and analytics provide critical data, including how much your job is being viewed, where it's being viewed, and the number of times it's shared and applied.
  • A cloud-based content management system gives you the added benefits of automatic distribution as well as the ability to make real-time changes to existing videos.

Social Recruiting

Jobs are automatically distributed across the world's largest Twitter job channel network – 11,000 "job channels" segmented by geography and job type – enabling companies to reach active and passive candidates on Twitter.
  • Ability to power a publisher's branded twitter account for brand recognition
  • Job-specific hashtags & geotagging for Twitter search optimization
  • Re-tweet jobs automatically for refresh
  • Automatic deletion of old & inactive job tweets
  • Twitter Cards & in-line images capture jobseeker attention & engagement
  • Mobile - over 75% of Twitter users are mobile

Recruitment Services Price USD 

At Association CareerHQ, we know that recruiting top talent isn't easy. That's why we offer a robust lineup of recruitment services, all designed to support and extend your HR capabilities and boost your recruitment results. To learn more or take advantage of any of these services, please contact us at

Advantage-Post (Price includes a 30-day job posting)

A successful recruitment campaign begins with a well-written job posting that stands out from all the other openings. It dually sells what you have to offer as an employer while showcasing your current job opening. With Advantage Post, you will connect with a recruitment expert who will polish your job description to complement your brand and grab the attention of the best talent.
360º Professional Reference Check Service

When you need to know more about potential executive-level hires, our 360 Professional Reference Check Service can provide you with invaluable insights. Candidates are asked for the names of a former supervisor, peer, and direct report for an in-depth interview with one of our recruitment professionals. Probing questions are used to ascertain facts about the candidate’s achievements, leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. A detailed report of each interview is delivered to you that will help inform your decision-making process.
Recruitment Plus (Price includes a 30-day job posting)

Get to a short list of top candidates for your entry- to mid-level positions - FAST!

Recruitment Plus is a quick, efficient and cost effective way to maximize your recruiting efforts.

When you add Recruitment Plus to a job posting, you’ll reap the benefits of a professionally written job posting to inspire response from the best of the best. Then, all incoming resumes are reviewed against your specific job requirements and ranked for your evaluation.

Along with providing you with a short list of interested, qualified “A Players,” Recruitment Plus includes these value-added features:
  • Higher visibility for your position with a complimentary Premium Featured Job Upgrade (a $320 value!)
  • Prompt, personalized attention from an experienced recruitment professional
  • Screening criteria customized to your hiring needs
Executive Recruitment Concierge (Price includes a 30-day job posting)

Association CareerHQ’s Executive Recruitment Concierge is your partner in finding the top-level talent your organization needs to succeed.

If you’re facing the daunting and expensive task of replacing your executive director or another senior-level executive, the Association CareerHQ Executive Recruitment Concierge can save you time and money and has the experience and know-how to help you attract and hire the best executives in the industry. Our clients are trade and professional associations serving a variety of sectors, including agriculture, education, finance, and healthcare, as well as other types of nonprofit organizations. Learn more today!
Employer Branding

Featured Employer Advertising

Distinguish yourself among the other employers, recruiters and agencies by providing information about your organization that attracts top quality Job Seekers. Become a Featured Employer today!

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